Devora's Microboard

A microboard is an alternative or a supplement to state-wide programs that may only address certain aspects of an individual’s life such as education, health, employment or housing. In a state wide program some individuals are underserved or not served at all given the unique abilities and limitations of each person needing services. A microboard provides an avenue for people who know the individual working with the person to develop a flexible support system of services rather than social workers or other consultants who may not consider the individual’s specific needs. A microboard is often used to supplement social services in place by the government and community.


Formation of a microboard starts by doing a PATH  ( Planning Alternatives for Tomorrow With Hope) wherein family, friends, teachers, therapists, and other invited individuals come together with the focus person to search out and explore the goals, wants, needs, support and dreams of the focus person to have in their daily life. The focus person is the main contributor to the PATH regardless of perceived abilities striving for community inclusion, self-determination, individualized supports allowing for real choice and control over one's life. A PATH centers itself around the focus person and is completely designed being inclusive considering how the individual can interact with their greater community. A PATH is done for an individual of any age to be able to start with “tiny steps” today and build a fulfilling life for tomorrow.

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