DEViceART - ART created THROUGH the power of JOY, ENGINEERING and TECHNOLOGY- DEV was born in 1985 with agenesis of the corpus callosum (missing the bridge between both halves of her brain) and has numerous medical issues. By teaming up with Northwestern University ENGINEERING students, they focused on creating a "DEVice" for Dev to control by using smart TECHNOLOGY (with help from to create these one of a kind DEViceART canvases. Allowing Devora to have full control on her IPAD of spinning what canvas she is working on, brings her such JOY as can be seen by the smiles and heard by her laughing. Shop for one of DEViceART already painted canvases or design your own choosing 3 colors for Dev to spin together.


Canvases available at

IMG_3929          IMG_3975          IMG_3977


Click here to watch a video of Devora and the DEViceART in action.