Devora's Tools




Frames By Devora is a truly unique business, not only because of how the frames look but also because of the love and techniques used in creating them. Devora is a very special young woman who does not let any obstacle stand in her way. Painting started out as a great way to express herself. But after showcasing her work at local craft and art fairs, people began showing interest in buying them so Frames By Devora was born!


Customized employment allows the opportunity to search within the individual what gifts and talents they have, what their desires are, build on their strengths and choices to find a work environment unique to them. Everyone has the ability to do something and by using proper supports and growing on one's potential, the individual can work leading a productive, involved community based life just like anyone else.



Each frame is painted in arcylic by hand, using a technique like no other. Devora uses mittens that have various textures sewn on them. Textures and patterns are created from sponges, KOOSH® balls, brush bristles and other crazy looking objects! When paint is layered, color upon color, a totally unique pattern is created.

The possibilities are endless!